Before & Afters That WOW!


Our Goal is to WOW!

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Often the transformation that takes place after our enhancements and retouching are quite significant and can produce great results that really do WOW! What might have started out as a not such a great photograph can often be transformed into something very special. Sometimes it is as simple as correcting the lighting in the photograph or cropping for better composition. Sometimes it is a little more involved, like taking out distracting objects or people in the picture. Maybe the background is cluttered or distracting or maybe just not very flattering to the subject so a background replacement may be necessary.

We take great pride in helping our customers create canvas prints that they will be proud to display and show off to their friends and family.

We can help with decisions on whether to choose Gallery Wrap or Museum Wrap for your canvas. You should visit our page on Gallery Wrap vs. Museum Wrap for more details. Maybe a Mirror Wrap may be necessary to keep all of the image on the front of the canvas.

We can advise on the correct size and proportions for your canvas based on the quality and size of the original digital image. We can assist and advise on the recommended Wrap thickness. Should it be the thick 1½” Wrap or the thinner ¾” Wrap? Part of that decision will be based on the ability to have enough image to produce the wrap, and another part your desire to frame the canvas or display it without the frame.

Then there are the enhancements that we can do to your photograph before we print it. Our skills at photoshop. NIK, and other Digital imaging software allow us to make the ordinary spectacular. The creative aspect is truly only limited by your imagination. Having said that, I do need to point out that there are some limitations. This is a great story; Once a lady brought in a photograph of her husband and a golf shirt, nicely folded, she wanted to know if we could put that shirt on her husband in the photograph. We passed.

We are able to remove red eye, correct lighting, straighten the image, correct color, enhance clarity, remove graininess or noise from the digital image, convert it to a black and white or sepia tone, produce a black and white with a touch of color, do complex restorations, background replacements and so much more.

I thought that I would show you a few samples of Photos Before and After our corrections and enhancements:


After Straightening and Clarity


After Object Removal


After Color Correction


After Background Replacement


Before Cropping and lighting adjustments

After Lighting and Cropping

After Cropping and Lighting Adjustments


After Conversion to B&W with Color