FREE Basic Adjustments


Our Basic Adjustments for Your Photographs are FREE and Include Color Correction and Brightness Correction:

All of the images that we receive will be reviewed by our specialist for picture quality and undergo color correction as necessary to produce the very best results for your Canvas Prints. We will adjust for clarity using many of the tools available to us in the latest versions of the Photoshop Creative Suite and other Digital Imaging Software. We will check color levels, brightness, sharpness, and noise. We will apply our expertise and the software tools available to ensure that your pictures are the best they can be before we print them. Our specialists are accomplished photographers with a trained eye to what makes a photograph special. We will advise you as to the adjustments made to your photographs in the Free Digital Proof  that we send you before we create your Canvas Print. Of course this entire process is Free of Charge.

Basic Color Correction Before Canvas Print

After Basic Color Correction on Canvas Prints

Color Correction Adjustments

Our specialists look at each photograph submitted for correct color levels, fading and brightness. Using the Digital Imaging Tools available to us we are able to adjust the digital image for color correction and brightness levels, remove color cast where the image may be yellowing from age, and produce a vivid colorful image for creating your print. We use a number of different software plugins that help to produce the verybest image possible.

Basic Brightness Adjustments Before Canvas Print
After Basic Brightness Adjustments on canvas print

Brightness level Adjustments

We look at the level of brightness and dark shadows to adjust the pictures to bring out the hidden details and make the image POP when we print. These adjustments can often turn an ordinary photographs into a vivid Photographic Fine Art worthy of display in your home, office, business or showroom.

Before Basic Camera Noise Reduction on canvas print
After Basic Camera Noise Adjustment on canvas print

Camera Noise Reduction

Camera noise, graininess is a problem with most digital cameras. We look at the noise level in each digital image that we receive and reduce the noise to make for a sharper picture with more clarity and less graininess. These corrections help to produce vivid colors and a clear image. This is one of the Photoshot plugins that we use often. It has a funny name, Noise Ninja, but it really works great to clean up that grainess from the image.