FREE Brush Stroke Artistic Effect


Brush Stroke and Other Basic Artistic Effects are FREE:

We can create computer generated painted effects applying artistic filters that can produce a painted look to your images. There are so many variations to this effect that it is difficult if not impossible to show them all.  With our unique Free Digital Proofing process we will show you the effect that we would apply before we create your Photos on Canvas. This painted effect is created in Photoshop and other imaging software that uses a large number of Artistic Filters and Brush Stroke effects. This process works well with some images and not as well with others. As a rule photographs that are showing people at a distance do not work well with this effect as it will distort the features of the smaller objects in the image. On the other hand photographs of scenery, landscapes, stills and others do very well with this effect. When a lower resolution photograph will not produce a clean crisp image when enlarged for print the use of Brush Strokes or other Painted effects can help make it a great artistic print. In the final decision to use this effect or not it really comes down to your personal preference. My personal preference, as a photographer, is that the realism of the photograph when printed on canvas produces a look that is absolutely stunning. Our customers that visit our Gallery often ask if our images are paintings or photographs. When a photograph is printed on textured canvas using a Realistic style it takes on the look of a Fine Art painting. We have included some examples of various painted effects to try and give you a better idea of what you might expect. Just to make it clear, we Do Not actually PAINT your canvas; it is a computer generated effect that is printed. However, we have a local artist that we work with that will paint over your print to produce a real painted giclee. If this is something that you are interested in just let us know and we can arrange for our artist help you.


Artistic Painted Effect



This effect can be applied by the computer to simulate a Palette Knife or other painted effects. This is often used to hide the pixilation that occurs when trying to enlarge a low resolution image. We have an extensive collection of digital software from Phothshop, NIK software with numerous plugins, On One, Lightroom, and others we we use to help create a unique painted look to your image.

Heavy Brush Stroke Effect


The Heavy Brush Stroke Effect along with color enhancement makes this colorful beach picture take on the appearance of a broad brush painting. This effect does take away any detail that is in the clear digital photograph so that it will look more like a painting. We don not “paint” the image even in the computer, we simply apply various painted effects from our wide range of digital imaging software.


Other Artistic Effects

There are an unlimited number of artistic effects that can be created in the computer with the software tools available today. It is often difficult to show these effects in a relatively low resolution Proof. The results are very subjective as with any artistic style. Some like the painted look while others (including me) prefer the Photograph to have the realistic look that the photographer intended. With our exclusive digital proofing system we can provide you with a close up of the painted effect so that you can have a better idea of just what it will look like. we try to porvide you this closeup at actual size so it will often be just a portion or sample of the image that we use.