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FREE Digital Proofs Before You Complete Your Canvas Prints Order

Free Digital Proofs. We are the only provider to offer this unique and extensive DIGITAL PROOFFING SYSTEM equipped with previews of your pictures after they have been enhanced, adjusted and cropped for the size you requested. We will recommend alternative sizes if necessary. We will discuss composition improvements, cropping, and special photographic effects like Black and White with color or Sepia tones. We will show the portion of the image that will be wrapped around the edge of the stretcher frame to form the Gallery Wrap. If you choose the Museum Wrap we will look at the colors of the wrap and much, much more!

canvas prints digital proof before canvas prints digital proof after


WHAT IT IS: Here at Get Your Photos on Canvas we are about providing our customers with the very best service possible and that includes Free Digital Proofs for their canvas prints. We know that if you were to order your canvas from a Drug Store, a Discount Warehouse or other websites you upload your Digital Image along with your payment information and then you wait to get your canvas.  Basically get back what they think you want and not necessarily what you had in mind. That may not be what you wanted or the best representation of your photograph. Too late, It’s been shipped! With our Free Digital Proofs from our unique Proofing System you can be sure of what we are able to do with your photograph and if you have any questions or would like to change anything just give us your feedback from the proofing page before we create your canvas print and before we ask for your payment information.

HOW WE DO IT: When you go to a Photographers Studio or Hire a Professional Photographer you expect to see proofs of the images before you buy a print. Our background is in Photography. Our business model is based on old fashioned customer service and as such we believe that you should be able to see what it is you are buying even if it is from a Digital Proof Online. So we have developed our unique Digital Proofing System to allow you to view Free Proofs of the final preparation prior to us creating your finished Picture to Canvas Print.

WHY WE DO IT: More importantly it gives us the opportunity to interact directly with our customers in order to assist them with creating something special from their photos. It gives you the opportunity to know us a little better and trust that we will produce a Fantastic Canvas Print that you will be proud to display and show off to your family and friends.

The Proofing process is FREE OF CHARGE.

Original Uploaded Photo

under exposed Digital image on canvas prints

Original Image Upload

This is typical of the digital photographs that we receive from our customers. This one came with a request for a 16X20 Canvas Print. The image is a little underexposed and not very sharp although it is a great shot with a lot of potential. More importantly it has importance and meaning for our customer so we wanted to help create something special.


Digital Proof Sent Back to the Customer

Cropped for better composition on canvas prints

Our Free Digital Proof

We were able to adjust this photograph using some of the tools available to us in the latest versions of the Photoshop Creative Suite and various Plug-in Modules and other Digital Imaging Software .

We adjusted color levels, brightness, sharpness, and reduced noise (graininess).

We cropped the image to fit the size requested by our customer and to help with composition by creating a portrait rather than a landscape Picture.

We use the light blue guides to show you what portion of the picture will be wrapped around the edge of the stretcher frame to produce the Gallery Wrap.

We work hard to ensure that your photograph is the best it can be.

Our specialists are accomplished photographers with a trained eye to what makes a photograph special. In the Digital Proof that we send you before we create your canvas prints  we will also confirm the size and price, and inform you of the shipping charges if necessary. You can view closeups of the proof and any other images that we might provide for comparison or to show any artistic effect closeups. You then have the opportunity to provide us with feedback as to any additional changes you may need or make your Purchase all from our proofing page. Of course this process is Free of Charge.

This is an Example of  a Proofing Page on our Digital Proofing System

canvas prints proofing page included with your order