Finally. . . a browser for iDevices that will let you browse your Picture Library and Upload an Image.

We Strongly Recommend that you purchase this App from your iTunes Store ($1.99)  



Every day we have customers that want to upload a digital image to us for print onto canvas from their iPhone or iPad and are unable to use the browse function from our website. We want to make it easy for our customers to get us their photographs from their portable devices. They can email the image to us but that does not provide the same level of service that you can get from uploading to our website. With iCab installed on your iPhone of iPad you can use our website upload features the same as on a desktop computer. You can browse your picture library find the photograph that you want to put on canvas and submit it using our online order form.


iCab Mobile by Alexander Clauss is a web browser for the iPhone®, iPod Touch® and the iPad®. It provides many features which makes surfing in the web much easier.

Here’re some key features:


You can search your picture files and Upload them to our Website.

  • With Tabs you can open multiple web pages at the same time
  • Using the Download Manager you can download files directly on the device
  • Modules can be installed to add new features
  • The Full Screen Mode removes all the toolbars
  • Filters can be used to block ads or other elements.
  • The search feature can be extended, it’s easy to add new search engines
  • The Bookmarks from your Mac or PC browser can be imported.
  • Forms can be saved and filled out automatically

You can download iCab Mobile from the Apple App Store.