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Get Your Pet Portraits On Canvas

Get Your Photos On Canvas offers beautiful Pets On Canvas displays. We’re very proud of the work we do. Feel free to check out our Pet Gallery to get a glimpse at some of what our past customers have done.  Call us at (904) 819-9512 with any questions or send us an email. Or, if you’re ready for your *free* digital proof, you can upload your pet pictures here.

Pet Picture Displays


We are a one stop shop for putting your pictures on canvas whether you’re in need of just a single portrait of your pup, a wall grouping of your furry family, or even a tile display of your fish. We offer free customizations such as black and white, sepia overtones, red eye removalbasic color correction, and more. We also offer affordable premium enhancements such as black and white with a touch of color, collages, background replacement, restoration and retouching, and pop art.

Pet Pictures

Example: Dog Portrait with Free Black & White Enhancement 


Professional Enhancements: Our enhancements and corrections to your pictures are customized just for you. Tell us what you like or what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

Wall Groupings: One of our specialties is wall groupings, taking at least 3 separate pictures of your pet and grouping them into a fitted display. This is especially great if you have multiple pets, want to include a Picture of you and your pet, or want to show off different action-shots or personalities of of your pet.

Pet Pictures on Canvas

Popular Pet Picture Enhancements:

We don’t just enter your pet portrait into our system and print it out.

We first review your picture for proper composition, resolution, sizing and then crop the photo to perfectly fit in your desired size and design. We’re able to print all shapes and sizes from wide panoramas, to tall rectangles, to perfect squares. Whatever wall space it is you’re trying to showcase your pet pictures on, we’ll work with you to display the best size and configurations.

We edit and enhance the photo. This includes our free enhancements such as black and white conversions, to our premium enhancements such as background removal. We’re Photoshop experts over here, the number one picture editing software.

We send you a digital proof before you buy.

 Free Digital Proofs

Wether you want to see how your dog portrait would look in black and white, your cat enhanced with pop art effects, or any of the other customizations we offer, we’ll always send you a *free* digital proof of your pet on canvas before you make your purchase. This ensures that you’ll receive a pet portrait that you absolutely love, and will give you the opportunity to choose your favorite option of all.

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Man’s Best Friend | Living Room | Wall Grouping Shots